How to Avoid Bad Decisions and Choices

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Bad decisions arise not because of faulty brain circuits it’s because of faulty information. Complete information is needed to make a right decision and at the right time. Nobody would like to go for bad decisions we lose because we haven’t gave a deep thought to our decision. All the procedure will have to be perform by you but if you have chosen a wrong decision your brain should not be blame for that. Read the article below to know the ways to avoid bad decisions.


Practices which make you to Avoid Bad Decisions

Some of the practices are given below which will help you to avoid bad decisions so read them properly.

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Seek Good Information

Seeking good information from various sources to make a smart decision will make you worthwhile.

Look at your history

History reveals the truth. Check out your mistakes you commence in your past and highlight the same and shows how you approached your decision making there.

Make time to think

Make yourself in a position to be in the leadership and in creative role so that you can take a smart decision without taking stress. Take atleast 30 minutes to make up your mind to which decision you would like to go for.

Take care of yourself

Take a very good care of yourself, take atleast 6-8hours sleep and eat healthy to make a right choice.

Analyse Well

Don’t think for the outcome before applying your decision. Don’t underestimate yourself, analyse your decision because in many cased best decisions do have negative and possibility of failure. It clearly indicates the sign of luck. Never disheartened yourself you will be a winner in your own eyes.


Five tips which helps minimize this cognitive distortion:

1. Remove your EGO

Confirmation bias is an ego disease. Nobody like if anybody hurt our ego, we won’t accept our fault easily. If you are right nobody can disagree with the truth.

2. Seeking Approval

Before applying your decision, ask your family, friends or teachers that whether you are going for the right choice or not. Take suggestions from your seniors and then apply the decision. Give your decision a deep and second thought and then go for that which is counted as a right decision.

3. Ask better Questions

Put your question in-front of your friends smartly like what advancement should be made to make your decision more realistic and appropriate.

4. Keep yourself Updated

Open your mind towards TV channels like reality shows, current affairs which will keep you updated worldly.

5. Google

Don’t search for that what you want to see, because from thousands of websites, one or two will be agreeing upon your decision. Instead of that use open ended search.


Conclusion to Avoid Bad Decisions

Grasp and attained knowledge from various sources and gave a deep thought to your decision and don’t forget to take suggestions from your family and friends. Bold and smart decisions will be needed to face the reality of life. To overcome decision fatigue start making commitments. It is necessary to avoid bad decisions so make your choice proper.

Sources for how to Avoid Bad Decisions

The source helped to write the article How to avoid bad decisions is given at the end. Share this article with your friends and family and do comment us the suggestions.

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