The Myths of Ramayana (Logical View)

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The Ramayana is called an ancient Indian epic poem written by Valmiki, which narrates the struggle of the divine prince Rama to rescue his wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. Of course they will tell you something like this when you’ll search that name of the web. From a very long time it is believed that the Ramayana was a part of existence and all the characters were actually present during Treta Yug. It may be right, but as we living today, most of the educated people believe on truth from evidences. Since there is no living evidences of these stories, So it is hard to believe for some people that this actually had happened. We are confused in the Myths of Ramayana.


Effect of the Myths of Ramayana

The concept of these epic stories has been eradicated from study point of view and now no syllabus or exam contains these topics. The epic Ramayana was in the syllabus of Education Board of India for junior section or up to class eight especially in the books of NCERT. But now it has been removed as NCERT itself said that these stories are just a myth and not important to study point of view.

It is not easy to prove that the story of Ramayana is fake or just a myth; also it’s not easy to prove that it is true. A person who takes birth and starts understanding things and then the stories like Ramayana is told to him and he reads them in books, so this is the base of believing these stories and he starts believing as those who told him had the same life hood. But how can we believe the things of which there are no evidences and proofs. Usually people followed the elder one and believe what they say. Due this the Myths of Ramayana takes place.

Some logical facts can be extracted which either has a lack of sense or only can be true if it’s a story. These facts will exist if the one who believe that the Ramayana was true and still it cannot answer these facts.


Logical point of view

  • What is the point of making the bridge called Ram Setu, if Hanuman had the power to enlarge his size and he could’ve carried almost everyone on his body when they had to go to Lanka?
  • Instead of making that bridge, if Hanuman had the power to lift a whole mountain, he could’ve carried everyone present there on a mountain and he could lift that mountain straight to Lanka.
  • The foot of Angad was too heavy, even in the kingdom of Ravana, no one was worthy to lift his leg, which was kind of shameful for the Lanka people and also was an insult for Raavan.
  • In the End, Lord Rama, who was also the Lord of Hanuman itself, gave the boon to be an immortal, while now it is believed that Hanuman still exists, but not Lord Rama or Lord Shiva.
  • The Story is just like a movie or a drama as there is a reason for everything to be happen, like someone has to see the abduction of Lord Sita so he can tell that when it is required.
  • There is no sign of being lost in any of the Jungle, Ocean, and Mountains.
  • Even Hanuman successfully went to Lord Sita without seeing by anyone by taking a tiny size and still finds Lord Sita at the first moment.
  • Same situation followed by Angad, who also entered in Lanka directly in front of Raavan.
  • Hanuman when went through the Mouth of Surasa, Instead of which he could’ve gone to the highest, skipping that extra effort.
  • Only Ravana had the ability to generate ten faces but can be killed by an arrow in the middle of his body, leaving the ten faces without of any use.
  • Why only Lord Rama was worthy to kill Raavan instead of Laxman as the Laxman Rekha was so effective for Raavan?
  • Why there was a Happy Ending in the End, like all the movie generally has?

After being written by Valmiki, there were many poets who’d written Ramayana in their own way. The concept was the same but many phrases got changed in different Ramayana written thereafter. If the story was true then how come the other writers has been given rights to write it again with even changing some of the concepts? Some of the poets who’ve write Ramayana again with changing some phrases can be seen from the Source 1 in the end of the article.


Conclusion of the Myths of Ramayana

This article doesn’t mean we should stop believing that the Ramayana was not true. Even the whole story could be right as it is written, but if really the actual act had happen then where was the logic when the facts given above could be taken. By the logical point of view it is hard to believe the truth of Ramayana, but still the reality says otherwise.

Source 1: Myths in Ramayan

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