12 Ways to Start a Conversation With Anyone

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While walking in the streets, eating in a restaurant, going to a mall or anything we do outside our home, we meet with infinite number of peoples we don’t know about. We keep move according to our destination passing all these unknown people without not even looking at them. We see some people who we know or meet sometime, so we meet them instantly and make a conversation as it’s easy to talk with them because we know them and them too. If it’s the case of an unknown person, then we’re not able to talk with them like we talk to our known. Sometimes we randomly saw someone and find it attractive and want to talk with him/her but if we don’t know that person, than it becomes typical to approach to that person and start a conversation. After when that person gone and you were not able to talk with that, you feel bad because now who knows he/she will meet again or not. In this article, I’m telling some Ways to Start a Conversation with Anyone anywhere when you want. Carefully read the article and learn the Ways to Start a Conversation with Anyone. It’s really difficult to Start a Conversation With Anyone so we came with this steps to make you develop some of skills to Start a Conversation With Anyone.


Let’s start with the Ways to Start a Conversation with Anyone

In these steps, the order of these steps doesn’t matter, only start with as I’ve started. You can add or remove any of these step as these can be change with meting different kind of people. Also you’ll find out how to start a conversation with a girl or how to start a conversation online and this article dealing with how to start a conversation with a stranger.

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1. Just start it

When you see someone and want to talk with them, most of the people are not able to approach them or to start a conversation. They think in their mind how they should reach to them and say their first word, but they end up thinking only. The advice for this is, don’t think about what you’ll say at the very beginning or if you’ll say Hi to them, then what you’ll continue with. If you think three to four topics to start a conversation so it happens, when you start with them, you forget the sequence or even the topics. Skip the thinking part and just say or just start. As soon you’ll start, further topics will definitely come to your mind. This step helps if you want to know how to start a conversation with a unknown girl or boy.

2. Skip the small talk

As you have a limited time with a new person you wanna talk and make this talk memorable, but if you got stuck in the rut of “hi” ,”hello” , “what’s going on?” and ”how are you?” you will fail to give the initial jolt to the conversation that can make it so memorable. So don’t be afraid to ask more personal questions and skip the small talk. It’ll work and you’ll be surprised to see how much people are willing to share if you just ask. Take care if you want to start a conversation with a girl, cause only first impression do the job.

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3. Give the person a unique compliment

Always give compliments to the peoples you live with also to the person you just met. You can use the compliments like, I love your hair. Do you have a favorite salon? Or that is a very nice sweater. Do you mind sharing where you got it? Or your lunch looks delicious. Did you make it yourself? So usually compliments works on girls and this step will be useful if you want to know how to start a conversation with a girl.

4. Find same Interest

Make an effort to find the things which you and that person have in common so that you can build the conversation from that point. You’ll find all of a sudden that the conversation becomes a lot easier when the topics of both of you will be same. Ask some different questions about their interest like

  • What kind of music do you listen to?
  • Do you like to go to concerts?
  • Who is your favorite author?
  • Have you been in other countries before?
  • Do you like to travel?

Girl like people with same interest and for the solution of how to start a conversation with a girl, this step helps a lot. You can also find out this step useful if you are searching for how to start a conversation with a girl on facebook.

5. Share your things too so it doesn’t feel like an interrogation

If the person is sharing something with you, then you should also share yours with that person otherwise it’ll feel like you’re interrogating. Ask some of the questions like these and when they’ll answer, tell about yourself too regarding that question. You can ask questions like these, How are you? , What do you think of this weather? , Have you read any good books recently? , What have you been up to since I last saw you?

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6. Don’t over share

It’s good to share everything to make you trust on other person, but keep in mind you don’t have to share over or which not required. When you’ll only talk about you the conversation will become boring and the interest will be lost. So make sure not to lose the interest between the conversations.


7. Ask “If you could only” questions

Apart from the introduction questions, use some of the interesting questions to make the conversation more attractive and long. Ask questions like these

  • What are the three things you would take with you to a deserted island?
  • If you could pick anyone, who would you like to spend an afternoon with?
  • You can only eat five different foods for the rest of your life, what are they?
  • You are stuck in a cabin for two years. What five books would you take with you?

8. Be present

Don’t lose your attention from the person at any point. Though, the first conversation will be of less duration so it’s not tough to make continuous attention. Make eye contact which works a very effective way. Ask or reply by watching into persons eye get both side attention.

9. Start a conversation at work

There comes many times that you’ll get empty of all the questions to be asked. Suddenly take your conversation to the routine. Ask questions about the work or the schedule. Question would be like

  • How was your weekend?
  • What is your favorite lunch restaurant?
  • Is it cold/hot in here or is it just me?
  • How is your day going? Are you busy?
  • Do you have a vacation planned?

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10. Would you rather?

Go for something new like after asking about their current status, ask something which could be done instead of what they do now.

  • Would you rather go without a car for a month?
  • Would you rather go without your Smartphone for a month?
  • Would you rather be the smartest person or the popular person in your social group?
  • Would you rather be the best person on a good team or the worst person on a great team?

11. Let’s get serious

Almost till now, the conversation would be nice and interesting, so now take a small turn towards seriousness and start asking questions of which the person would have to answer seriously. Some of the examples of these questions are:

  • If you were granted 3 wishes, what would you wish for?
  • Describe the happiest day of your life.
  • Who has had the most influence on creating you as a person?
  • What quality do you like best in yourself?
  • Are people basically born good or bad?
  • If you could choose your own first name, what would you choose and why?

12. Use the S.O.F.T.E.N. technique.

It is useful to use this to help create a great non-verbal impression. The S.O.F.T.E.N stands for Smile, Open up your posture, Forward lean, Touch by shaking hands, Eye contact, Nod when the other person talks. Take care of these elements to maintain your personality when you’re talking with someone so as to make a very good impression.


Conclusion of these Ways to Start a Conversation with Anyone

Generally Ways to Start a Conversation with Anyone works and it can be applied with different people having different nature, and religion. For any difficulty, do comments below and tell us how to improve these Ways to Start a Conversation with Anyone. This article will help you in other ways like if you want to know how to start a conversation with a girl on whatsapp and how to start a conversation with a girl online also how to start a conversation with your crush. That’s all for the ways Start a Conversation With Anyone.

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