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As the GST will be applied, almost everyone is worried about the increase in the taxes of items. Many people wants to know about GST Rates Item Wise List so they can get an idea about what is about to happen. The Goods and Services Tax bill or the GST bill, will be taking over the world’s largest democracy from July 1st, 2017. To decide the financial future of our nation, these GST tax rate will deepen its roots firmly in the economy. Through this article, people will aware of the GST Rates Item Wise List so they can prepare for the upcoming change whether it is good or bad. The GST rates in India 2017 are here. All the GST rates in India item wise are given below.

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The Goods and Services Tax bill will have a four-tier slab as passed by the central government of India, with tax division rates distributed as: The Goods and Services Tax bill will have a four-tier slab as passed by the central government of India, with tax division rates distributed as:

  • Five per cent
  • Twelve per cent
  • Eighteen per cent
  • Twenty-eight per cent.

GST is been brought to nourish the economic condition of the country, as promised by the centre, but at what cost? Rates of certain commodities will go high for a change in the economic behavior, which will affect the money in our pockets. There are no two notions regarding the good will of the countrymen as all of us desire the progress of our nation.

Look at the GST Rates Item Wise List

Below is the GST Rates Item Wise List and category wise so the people can find easily about the item they want to know the increased tax rates on. Check the list carefully.

1. Extravagant Accessories of Wardrobe

Item Tax
Handloom 0% or Nil
Footwear (Up to Rs. 500), Apparels (Up to Rs. 1,000) 5%
Apparels (Above Rs. 1,000) 12%
Footwear (Above Rs. 500), Branded Garments, Headgear and Parts off 18%
Nil 28%

2. Juices, Dairy Products and Processed Foods

Item Tax
Butter, Ghee, Almonds, Preparation Of Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Pickle, Murabba, Chutney, Jam, Jelly, Bhujia, Namkeen, Fruit Juice, Packed Coconut Water, Fruit Juices, Frozen Meat Products, Dry Food In Packaged Form, Animal Fat And Sausage 12%
Flavoured Refined Sugar, Preserved Vegetables, Soups, Ice Creams, Instant Food Mixes, Curry Paste, Mayonnaise, Salad Dressing, Mixed Condiments, Mixed Seasoning, Pasta, Corn Flakes, Biscuits, Pastries And Cakes 18%

3. Basic deeds are still tax-free

Item Tax
Unpacked Food Grains, Unbranded Atta, Maida, Besan, Fresh Vegetable And Fruits, Gur, Milk, Eggs, Curd, Lassi, Unpacked Paneer, Salt, Fresh Meat, Fish, Chicken, Butter Milk, Cereal Grains Hulled, Unbranded Natural Honey, Palmyra Jaggery 0% or Nil
Sugar, Tea, Roasted Coffee Beans, Packed Paneer, Frozen Vegetable, Cashew Nuts, Spices, Pizza Bread, Edible Oils, Cream, Skeemd Milk Powder, Baby Milk Food For Babies, Rusk, Sabudana, Raisin, Fish Fillet, Packaged Food Items 5%

4. Food Items

Item Tax
Chewing Gum, Molasses, Waffles And Wafers Coated With Chocolate, Chocolate Not Containing Cocoa 28%

5. Medicines

Item Tax
Medicines, Stents, Insulin, Hearing Aids, Other Items Compensate For A Defect Or Disability, Braille Paper, Braille Typewriters, Braille Watches 5%
Computers, Cameras, Speakers, Monitors, Printers, Printed Circuit, Electrical Transformers, CCTV, Optical Fiber 18%

6. Electronics

Item Tax
Mobile 12%
Computers, Printers, Printed Circuit, Cameras, Speakers, Monitors, Electrical Transformers, CCTV, Optical Fiber 18%

7. Jewelry Metal

Item Tax
Gold 3%

8. Homes and Decorative

Item Tax
Prasad, Phool Bhari Jhadoo 0% or Nil
Agarbatti, Coir Mats, Matting And Floor Covering, Domestic LPG, Bio Gas 5%
Umbrella, Ladles, Skimmers, Cake Servers, Fish Knives, Tongs, Sewing Machine, Spoons, Forks 12%
Paint, Wallpaper, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Ceramic Tiles, Water Heater 28%

9. Educational and Stationary

Item Tax
Drawing And Coloring Books, Stamps, Judicial Papers, Printed Books, Newspapers 0% or Nil
Postage Or Revenue Stamps, Stamp Post Marks, First Day Covers 18%
Exercise Books, Notebooks 28%

10. Personal Hygiene and Care

Item Tax
Kajal, Sindoor, Bindi, Bangles 0% or Nil
Tooth Powder And Sanitary Napkins 12%
Toothpaste, Soaps, Toiletries, Tampons, Kajal Pencil Sticks, Hair Oil, Tissues 18%
Deodorants, Shaving Creams, After Shave, Hair Shampoo, Dye, Sunscreen, Shavers, Hair Clippers 28%

11. Services

Item Tax
Education Services, Grandfathering Service, Rough Precious And Semi Precious Stones (0.25%), Health Services, Hotels And Lodges With Tariff Below Rs. 1000 0% or Nil
Transport Services, Small Restaurants 5%
State-Run Lotteries, Non-Ac Hotels, Business Class Air Tickets, Fertilizers, Work Contracts 12%

12. Out of the Box Commodities

Item Tax
Jute, Bones And Horn Cores, Bone Grist, Bone Meal, Hoof, Meal, Horn Meal, Human Hair 0% or Nil
Lifeboats, Coal, Ice And Snow, PDS Kerosene, Kites 5%
Carom Board, Ludo, Playing Cards, Chess Boards, Other Board Games 12%

13. Luxury Service

Item Tax
AC Hotels That Serves Liquor, Telecom Services, Room Tariffs Between Rs. 2,500 and Rs. 7,500, Restaurants Inside Five Star Hotels, IT Services, Financial Services, Movie Tickets Below Rs. 100 18%
Hotels With Room Tariff Above Rs. 7500, Private Run Lotteries Authorized By States, 5 Star Hotels, Race Club Batting, Movie Tickets Above Rs. 100 28%

14. The Biggest

Item Tax
Bidi Patta, Steel Products, Aluminium Foil, Weighing Machinery, Mineral Water, Tissues, Envelopes, Bamboo Furniture, Swimming Pools And Padding Pools 18%
Automobiles, Motor Cycles, Aerated Water, Weighing Machine, Wending Machines, Aircraft For Personal Use, Bidis, Pan Masala, ATM 28%

Detailed GST Rates Item Wise List

This info is useful and there’s no need to go for GST rates item wise list pdf or GST rates item wise pdf. For the detailed list of every item, you can download the GST rates in India 2017 pdf from here


Source for GST Rates Item Wise List

The source for the list is been taken is given at the end. The percentage of taxes can goes up and down with change in orders of the government. This is the list which of which the percentage of taxes are finalized till now. This article tells you the GST rate in India and about the entire GST tax rate. Also the idea can be decided about GST benefits by reading this article. The tax rates of GST explained so read it carefully.


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