10 Signs Your Relationship is Hurting You

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Cheating is not the only way we feel treachery. Couples don’t even realize what exactly is causing so much pain and what is destroying them internally. Daily negative interactions with wrong people will show how selfish and cold we can be and how unfair we can treat our soul mate. “Physical and emotional abuse can lead the relationship over in few seconds, which clearly indicates a clear victim and perpetrator. Pure relationship builds strong connection, understanding, honestly. If you spend time in an unhealthy relationship the bad effects/signs will change you and will lead you to follow the path of wrong direction. Blindly trust Relationship is hurting you and will drive you mad. The loneliness will eat you and it feels like you are dying from inside. When someone you love hurts you deeply will make you internally, mentally, emotionally so weak that you’ll not able to stand for yourself, will feels heartless and not able to cope up with the challenges of life. When Relationship is hurting you, leave that relation or take a short break and then continue further. Taking decision for coming in the relationship should be yours and leaving the same will be only yours. Now check out the sign that your Relationship is Hurting You. And for girls, Check out the signs from this article when you about to say ‘he keeps hurting me emotionally’.

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Begin with the signs your relationship is hurting you

1. You’re Unhappy from inside and pretending to be happy

No relationship is a chase of joy. Time pass relationship may gives to happiness for some time but can make you so depressed that you will not able to step forward in the new phase of life. When someone hurts you over and over it seems only you are involved in the relationship. Everybody faces tough times, irritated times and boring times but the perfect partner will stay with you forever. So don’t even fall in a bad, unhealthy, time pass relationship which will give you sorrows lifelong. If you are unhappy for inside don’t pretend to be stronger form inside which will make you so weak that you will not able to fight for yourself. If relationship is hurting you will gave a sign on your face.


2. Friends zone keep complaining about you

If you hang out with your friends physically not mentally, they will judge you so they know everything about you. If your soul mate is not permitting you to go outside, or imposing many restrictions on you, it clearly indicates the sign of danger.

3. Changes occurs and you are not yourself anymore

Don’t grasp the unhealthy habit of getting lost in your relationship. If somebody is losing their own interest will clearly shows the picture of yours that you are not yourself anymore. Partner imbibes the interests and starting doing the things which their soul mate loves to do so. It’s ok to share things, love the way your partner’s things of doing but giving yourself is not the right thing to do. If changes are occurring then it highlight that you are not the same as you were before.

4. You are dependent on your partner

Another sign which is hurting you is that you will become independent on your soul mate. You need a shoulder always which is a bad habit. Dependent on others means who are making yourself weak and depressed. You sometimes act so dramatic that your partner things that he/she has fall in a toxic relationship.

5. You’re being Abuse

I have seen couples abusing and they love that thing, thought to be a sign of love but honestly it’s not true love is valueless without respect, trust and safety. People who are in a relationship must not lose their self respect. Understanding/ trust play as a vital role in relationship status. If you‘re abused by your partner this is some disgusting and must be counted in a toxic relationship.

6. Dating so be perfect within the same age group

If you are dating an adult guy, better be careful, as you all know people can take advantageous of you. I am not pointing the loving couples but the one who came in a relationship with the motive of deceiving someone and the reason behind is self interest. If someone hurts you emotionally you’ll feels like crying specially in the case when your partner started losing interest in you. Adult guy should be responsible and possessive about you, he should always protect you like a daughter or a wife or a mother.

7. You don’t have frontier

The boundary will be made in a relationship which will help them to run their relationship smoothly. Explain to your partner the way to want to be treated, in what you are comfortable with whether it’s an environment or wearing dresses and many more. No frontier means more arguments, more complains, depressed and emotional points etc. If someone hurts you emotionally who is not only your partner but off course your close friend too is the feeling of loneliness. If your partner is stocking you continuously that stipulate that he don’t trust you and this type of relationship is called by the name of toxic relationship.

8. Forcefully on Intimation

Love is not about being having physically attached with the person through intimation. If your partner is forcing or compelling you to underwent these situations then see the difference if you agree on the point or disagree. Disagreement makes the partner to change their behaviour towards you and will bust out in anger. Intimation can be done with the consent of both the partners not forcefully. When someone you love hurts you deeply, you’ll started hating yourself and comparing you with others.

9. You’re waiting for them to Change

People who were in are in a relationship and get separated due to the reason they wants some changes in their partners according to their preference. Those people are still waiting for them that the day will came when the miracle will be happen. Boldness is needed to leave a situation that’s totally fine, but just not satisfying for you, for whatever reason if may be. When someone hurts you emotionally you’ll stop talking to your partner and expecting love and hug from your partner. Leaving relationship without a solid reason will deprive you mad and unhealthy.

10. If your partner is treachery

Loyalty makes your relationship go steady and smoothly. If your partner is not loyal to you, and you’ll come to know about all will make you blame yourself and arises various questions in the mind of your such as why I am not being loved, why you all do this to me, why I am being hurted, why only me. When someone hurts you over and over but you still continues your relationship because you are afraid of losing your partner. This is something making yourself satisfying that all is ok but the mind clearly denote the sign of negativity and says no all is not ok.


Conclusion for if the Relationship is Hurting You

Conclusion clearly states that never stay in a relationship in which you may lose your self-respect. Don’t be afraid of losing your partner if he/she is wrong and had betrayed you. Complicated relationship doesn’t have a lifespan so before coming in a relationship think twice because one wrong relationship can spoil your life.

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